Shuangkang Fang (方双康)

I am currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree in communication and information system, Beihang University, supervised by Professor Wenrui Ding and Reseacher Yufeng Wang. Before that, I've completed my Masters from Xidian University and Bachelors from China University of Petroleum (East China).

From 2020 to 2022, I worked full-time in MEGVII AIC, supervised by Yi Yang, and Shuchang Zhou.

My research interests lie in the scope of computer vision. More specifically, my current focus is on Neural Implicit Surface Reconstruction, and early works were on Image Caption and Model Quantization.


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( '*' means Equal Contribution or First Student Author)

PontTuset Text-driven Editing of 3D Scenes without Retraining
Shuangkang Fang, Yufeng Wang, Yi Yang, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Wenrui Ding, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Shuchang Zhou
Under review

PontTuset PVD-AL: Progressive Volume Distillation with Active Learning for Efficient Conversion Between Different NeRF Architectures
Shuangkang Fang, Yufeng Wang, Yi Yang, Weixin Xu, Heng Wang, Wenrui Ding, Shuchang Zhou
Under review

PontTuset One is All: Bridging the Gap Between Neural Radiance Fields Architectures with Progressive Volume Distillation
Shuangkang Fang, Weixin Xu, Heng Wang, Yi Yang, Yufeng Wang, Shuchang Zhou
AAAI2023 (Oral)

PontTuset Parallel design of sparse deep belief network with multi-objective optimization
YangYang Li, Shuangkang Fang*, XiaoyuBaia, LichengJiao, Naresh Marturi
Information Sciences (SCI Q1)

PontTuset A Multi-Level Attention Model for Remote Sensing Image Captions
YangYang Li, Shuangkang Fang*, Licheng Jiao, Ruijiao Liu, Ronghua Shang
Remote Sensing (SCI Q2)

PontTuset Arch-Net: Model Distillation for Architecture Agnostic Model Deployment
Weixin Xu, Zipeng Feng, Shuangkang Fang, Song Yuan, Yi Yang, Shuchang Zhou
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2020.06: Excellent Graduate in Xidian University

2020.06: Excellent thesis of master in Xidian University

2018.09: National Scholarships

2018.06: Second prize of Huawei software elite challenge website


2017.09 - 2020.06: M.Sc. in Electronic and Communication Engineering, Xidian University

2013.09 - 2017.06: B.Eng. in Electronic and Information Engineering, China University of Petroleum

Works and Internships

2020.06 - 2022.09: Full time job in MEGVII AIC, supervised by Yi Yang, and Shuchang Zhou

2020.09 - Now: Internship in MEGVII AIC, supervised by Yi Yang, and Shuchang Zhou

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Address: Haidian District, Beijing, China

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